Saturday, January 06, 2007


The class was fine, I’m so happy to see that my students can trust me, to tell me when I made a program that was too though as well as, when they are comfy and satisfied.
Discontent students were a major problem for me in the beginning. Than I realized that I cannot teach big classes and give everyone exactly what they need, every time-for me it’s been a long practice in letting go! I also had the impression, in the beginning, that they came because of me, and that I have to make perfect programs, well that’s over ;) Now I tend to see myself, more and more, as a mediator, mediating between them and the yogatreasure. Today I’ve been so inspired by reading some blogs. Some people write their gratitude lists, here are some of mine, from today:
Thanks for a blue sky and sun in my eyes!, for the giant windows at my work, for a calm brain, for a silent home. For not having anybody needing me! And Thanks for letting me, be in the truth of not needing another human being, knowing that I’m whole just by myself-what a beauty to rest in. I’m sure I’ve read about this in a yoga text.

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