Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My profane studies,,,

In a week from now, I will be done with my exams, a tension is building up inside. I can’t read longer than a couple of hours, then I have to do something completely different, because all terms and facts are summing around. When I pick up my kids I try to relax and only give my attention to them. I have to remember, not to plan all kinds of extra activities and keep things simple this week. It’s ok that my studies now will take “mind-space” for a while, it’s only temporary.
I’m blessed to have kids so that I can’t obsess with my reading.
I’m blessed to teach yoga, on the side, so that I always have to get back into my body, down to earth.


Camilla said...

Thank goodness for things to distract us during studying! I started knitting socks at night after a day's intense reading - because I'm so lousy at it, I really had to concentrate and then I didn't worry about not reading enough, not really understanding anything and so on ... Hooray for kids and yoga and socks :)

Jenni said...

hahaaha thank you for making me smile! what a release,,