Friday, January 05, 2007


Today I felt crappy, and my kids did act out, just like I felt inside,,, so I got irritated on them,, buggery, buggero
I’ve been thinking about how to start this blog. I was inspired to write, since I’ve enjoyed some other bloggers writing about their journey of recovery, or spiritual search.
I delayed the start, since I didn’t want to start out with frustration :)
But I gave up, so here we go,,, and as I opened my writing space I felt gratitude!!! Well, what do you know! I’m so thankful for my work, my kids and my studies. For having this computer and the web, so that I’m never actually alone,, I have to face that loneliness is an illusion.
The hard part these days is to wait, to do nothing, pure ahimsa. I observe the insanity rush around and I try to do nothing. Good on me! That’s new!!
For example, I want to do several new years’ resolutions, bad old habit, (for me). I just love to plan the splendid changes rather than give some space for universe to start doing them, little by little in my present day :) So now I sit on my fingers (Nordic expression ;) and try not to fix myself! I'm surrendering, vairagya!!


multisubj yb said...

Asanas and Gurus cannot help to get true vairagya. Pl. read Vairagya S`atakam (100 verses of Renunciation) by Bhartruhari. For the benefit of genuine vairagya seekers, I translated it from Sanskrit to English. Roman script. ou seem to be from NOrway. Sanskrit belongs to INdo European language group. Nordic languages like German, Saxon are fraternal (brothers and sisters) to Sanskrit. Sanskrit seems to have its first origin at Latvia. (Or near Finland). If you have any comment to make, kindly write at my bhartruhari blog.

multisubj yb said...

There seems to be some problem with url. I am repeating.

Jenni said...

Thank you for commenting! And for leaving a link to your blog. I don't have a guru, so my blog is absolutely not a bid on authority (wich dosen't give me any kicks), just a sharing of my personal work with yoga and my effort to connect,,, in my everyday life.

Al-Anon Lifer said...

We Americans sit on our hands, so it's definitely the same concept. Sometimes when I force myself to sit still and do nothing, I find the most peace :-)

Jenni said...

Hi and welcome :)
Yes! I guess bodylanguage is universal?!