Sunday, January 07, 2007

Motorbikes, yoga and spiritual unity!!!

Some of my first lessons, of being in the present, I learnt by driving two wheels.
The goal can only temporary be in my mind, most of the driving, (traveling) I have to be 100% here and now. Pure yoga!
This was some valuable lessons in awareness (sthira), to keep my eyes on the road, the sense of the wind (all the calculations of when and where the surprises would/could come), the feeling of the engine. Yes, riding was a god lecture. Mainly, the journey is the goal, which brings me back to yoga (gets me thinking of the first 4 sutras of Patanjali). How great to have a vehicle that can tilt!! How great to ride a vehicle that demands so much of its driver, so the driver has to be here and now. Usually these things annoy me, but now I can see the greatness. It’s with pleasure I tell my students to be thankful for the hurting feeling in the scalp(hihi), when they learn to stand in a headstand, it’s good for you, it talks to you, you are supposed to respect and listen to this feeling ;)
Hope to learn this thing in other parts of my life! Isn’t it great, when totally different parts of your life melts together, and gives unity! I love it.


Camilla said...

I'm sooo excited about this post! I've only had that feeling of unity, of different things melting together, a few times but I love it :) And, incidentally, I love motorcycles too ... even though I've only sat behind my neighbour on hers three times, I'm already hooked ;) Hope you keep finding that unity!

Jenni said...

yes, we "played" with motor cross bikes in the wood, were I grew up, the first ride I had as an (supposedly)adult, I was sold, got signed up for license same day :)