Monday, January 15, 2007

gifts in my work

I love my work. No matter how much is going on inside my head, when the class starts and I say all the initiating “lets land here and now” to my students, I land in a holy “now”. I loose sight of everything, except for the nest pose/asana/exercise. I loose track of time, often I have let go of my ego-projects and have a whole new perspective afterwards. Before I go, I can feel tired and like there is nothing inside and that I really should concentrate on this or that problem, after class I have more energy and often I have landed in a solution instead of poking around my imaginary problems.
It’s challenging to write in English, but slowly it’s coming back to me, I enjoy the challenge!
Tomorrow is my exam, so wish me luck. I try to hold on to the fact that it actually is just an ordinary day in a students life, and that we are all just one, me and my examiners :-)

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