Saturday, January 13, 2007

More unity

Seems to be my topic, for the time being ;)
Yesterday, I started my day with reading an article of one of my professors, in witch she explains artistic moments/meetings as a 4th dimension, as being in the “now”, the present. My jaw fell down on my pillow (yes, I think it’s great to study in bed ;-) and I got so excited, that I had to take a two hours break, just grasping the consequents of this new unity in my life. How great to have a professor that take this, for me, spiritual truth, and put it right into a very usable place. Wow!
I find myself starting on a journey towards unity with myself. Now there is a truth in me that I’m not supposed to be a part of a whole with another human being, not a lover, not a parent not a friend or any kind of a “guru”. The more I love being me, the more unity there is within me, strangely I find myself being able to relate more to other people as we are one. It feels like standing on a train station or a harbour. This could lead anywhere. I’ll try to “harbour” this feeling, hope that it will get stuck in me, because there is a beautiful strength in this truth.
One of the main understandings of yoga is that the point is to unite, so why not look for unity, collect all the evidence that I can find in my every day?

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